ActivBoard and ActivDrivers

The ActivBoard


The ActivBoard is connected through a USB to any computer.  By projecting the computer's image onto the ActivBoard, the surface becomes interactive allowing the teacher and student to manipulate any application using the ActivPen.


Click here to see the product Matrix to find out what the different types of ActivBoards look like and which peripherals they will work with.


Calibrating the ActivBoard


Extending the USB Length


Troubleshooting USB Connection Problems


Connecting an ActivBoard Wirelessly through an ActivHub (only available for 100, 300, and 300Pro series boards)


The ActivDriver

The ActivDriver is required for the computer to communicate with the ActivBoard.  If you do not have the correct driver installed, the ActivPen will not work on the ActivBoard.


Where can I find the ActivDriver?


The ActivDriver file is located in the .dmg (Mac) and .exe (PC) files for both ActivStudio and ActivInspire applications. 


For more information on ActivDriver/ActivBoard compatibility, click here.



The ActivPen


There are several versions of the ActivPen.  See images below for reference.


  ActivPen for ActivBoard AC1 and AC2

ActivPen for ActivBoard AC3

Secondary ActivPen for ActivBoard AC3



Click here for what to do if your ActivPen isn't working.



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