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There are three models of ActivSlates.  All three models look very similar, so to determine what version you have, refer to the following table.




ActivSlate 50


ActivSlate 2.4 Ghz


 ActivSlate XR 866Mhz/915Mhz


wireless symbol after the word "ActivSlate"

wireless symbol after the word "ActivSlate"

no wireless symbol


gray sides, all grey ActivPen 50

orange sides,

grey and orange ActivPen

orange sides

grey and orange ActivPen

uses black ActivHub uses black ActivHub registers to ActivBoard or Activote-shaped ActivHub
works with any Activboard works with any Activboard will not work with new 100, 300, or 300 Pro series ActivBoards
  Register 2.4 GHz ActivSlate Using ActivStudio Register ActivSlate XR Using ActivStudio
Register ActivSlate 50 in ActivInspire (same document for all models)







How long will the ActivSlate last between charges?


The ActivSlate will last for 24 hours of constant pen to surface use.  They typical classroom usage is 3 hours per day, which would equate to charging once every two months.  The ActivSlate will automatically enter into sleep mode when the ActivPen has not been in contact with the surface for 1 to 10 minutes.  The user can define how many minutes until the ActivSlate will enter sleep mode by clicking on the orange circle on the ActivSlate. 


How long will it take to charge the ActivSlate?


Three hours




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